Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Assume versus presume

Today’s nugget is assume versus presume. I assume you’ve heard the old expression, assume makes an ass out of u and me. In fact, assume doesn’t make an ass out of u and me, rather it adds an ass to u and me. But I digress. It is interesting to note for the purposes of this discussion that what would really make an ass out of me is if I presumed that you had heard the old adage, not merely assumed you had heard it; that would mean I was sure that expression ought to be common knowledge in a normally intelligent and aware individual, and that would make me an ass, or at least kind of a dick. The difference then is relative certainty. With assume, you’ve got no proof, but with presume, you’d be an ass to need more proof than you have. To take the expression further, if indeed assume did make an ass out of u and me, presume would make an utter twatwaffle out of u and me, seeing as presume has a much higher bar of indubitableness. With so gracious an explanation now in your recent memory, I presume you now know the difference between assume and presume.